H8 GPS vehicle tracker,mini GPS tracker for motorcycle

H8 GPS vehicle tracker,mini GPS tracker for motorcycle


H8 GPS vehicle tracker,mini GPS tracker for motorcycle

Largest LBS map database in Aisa, even in the world
Spent over 1,000,000RMB on the map data.
Over 1,000,000 pieces LBS tracker running on our server
Over 100 countries adapting our LBS tracker

Product Description
Difference between GPS Tracker & LBS Tracker
GPS Tracker
LBS Tracker
Buildin GPS chipset, GPS Positioning (Main)No GPS Chipset
With LBS, Cellphone Signal Positioning (Assist) With LBS, Cellphone Signal Positioning (Main) 
Accuracy: GPS<=10 meters 99%
                 LBS>=150meters 1%
Accuracy: LBS>=150meters 99%
Accuracy factor: GPS Signal 
Accuracy factor: Cellphone Antennas Density 
             and distance between Antennas & Device.
Package & Accessories

2 Pin power cord *1     User Manual *1       GR.WT.: 120g        Size: 12*9*3.2cm

Specification parameter

GSM Quad-band frequency (Global use);
Technical Parameter
GMS frequency: 900/1800MHz or 850/1900MHz;
GPRS: Class12,TCP/IP;
Working Temperature: -2°C - +70°C;
Working Humidity: 20%-80%RH;
Dimension: 55.0(L)*38.0(W)*10.0(H)mm;
Net weight: 21g;


1.GSM&LBS Quad-band Real-time Tracking & base station location and history track playback;
2.Built-in Microphone realize remote monitoring
3.External voltage regulator to realize vehicle ultra high voltage power supply(optional) 
4.Alarm function: Speeding, Vibration, Geo-fence and illegal shift Alarm by real-time SMS or phone call 
5.Firmware Auto recovery function
6.IOS, Android APP software in set, also support WeChat tracking on line

Installation Instructions

Before Installation
Open the package, please look over whether the part number is correct and whether accessories complete, if not, please contact your distributor for further assistance;

Choose correct SIM card, a SIM card will be needed to insert into the terminal, please consult distributors options for further use;

Install SIM card, SIM card slot On the terminal back, take out the SIM card slot cover, insert the SIM card, then put the cover back to terminal;

Please Note:
Power off before SIM card operations;
Please make sure that the SIM card has enough credit;
Special GPRS data SIM Card suggested (GSM network only);

Terminal Operations

Start-up: insert the SIM card, turn on back-up power supply, the terminal will start up; Press the power button, and LED flashes 3 times.
Shut-down: disconnect power plug, take out the SIM card, the terminal will shut down; Press the power button, and LED flashes 1 time.

Terminal parameters settings
All beginning letters in each parameters’ commands shall use upper-case letters, all punctuations shall be English punctuation, only part of commands will reply.
By sending enquiry commands to the terminal, corresponding contents will be replied.

Bind Cellphone with Device
Send SMS: #711#Emergency Contact Phone Number#0000#1##
Initial password is 0000, command start with *
e.g.: #711#123456789#0000#1##
       Reply: Config OK

9 Emergency phone calls can be set in this tracker.
Send SMS: #711#Emergency Phone Number#0000#1## , and reply Config OK.
e.g. #711#123456789#0000#1##
      Up to 9 Numbers can be set as Emergency phone calls.

Password Modification
Send SMS: # 770#New password(4 digits) #Presious password(4 digits)##
e.g.: #770#1111#0000##
        Initial password is 0000
        New password is 1111
Get Terminal Position by SMS
Send SMS: 6660000 to terminal, it will reply the terminal current geography location.
e.g.: south east 30 meters, ABC company, Meilong Rd, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province,China.
Send SMS: 8880000 to terminal, it will reply the terminal current location google link.

Our Services

Live Tracking Monitoring Platform
Web Address:
Demo Account: Demo
Cluster User Account
English Version
End User
Account: 15 digits of IMEI
English Version
If you already have a login account and password information, you can login our platform directly, or please contact your distributor and ask them to open you an account and provide you the password.
Input the address link in your computer browser, input the account and password, then login to your service platform.
About the use method of platform, please ask your distributor for Service Platform User Manual.




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